We serve for all HR needs of our clients which includes but not limited to following services.

HR Consulting

We provide the solutions for all HR needs and employee related issues. From our experience across all dimensions of employee and HR lifecycle, we are in a position to apply the knowledge to clients issues to solve it in the best possible manner.

Recruitment Solutions

We specialise in Recruitment across sectors and industry verticals. With a team of highly experienced professionals and dedication we produce the customer delight for hiring talent at all levels especially Middle and senior level management. Our approach to this start with partnering client in talent requirement gathering to talent identification to final placement and furthur followup for a perfect match of the candidate with client organization.

Induction and Training

The other important pillar of the talent management is Induction and training. As the saying goes first impression is last impression, the impression which a new joining employee has about the organization by hear-say in initiall days lasts long without a proper induction of the new joinee in the organisation. We help you in having a induction program for new joinees. It not only helps the new joinee to understand the organisation better but also make him more productive and improves the bottom lines of the organisations. We also provide small trainings to the new joinees to understand the technicalities of client organization.

Employee Development

Employee development includes training and modules for soft skills as well as technical trainings. It improves your employees skills which in turn help them perform better. Our trainings are also a bridge for employees to next level of responsibilities who are the best performers but lack in any specific skill to assume higher responsibility.

Team Building Activities

Event Management

Payroll Management

Service Portfolio